The Work Plan

Monday, November 14, 2011

Today's Works Caught On Camera

              Sandpaper Numbers with Sand Tray

                 Matching Fabric Box#1

Making patterns with cards, then recording the work on paper.

                                  Color box #2

  Sorting pictures of Geometric Solids

                     Matching sight words

    Land, Air, Water (Lil is four giving a lesson to Mia age three)

                             The Pink Tower

                Knobless Cylinders with extension

 Half of the crew was missing in action today, so I doubt that I would have these many pictures to share everyday. Who knows? It was a very productive day in the neighborhood. Linking this post to Show and Tell hosted by ABC and 123 Learning.                                                    

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  1. I looks like you guys are having another great week of Montessori over there. The kids always look at ease and yet focused. I love that about Montessori.


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