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Sunday, December 25, 2011

December Works In Action:Montessori Monday

It really motivates me when I go back and look at all the pictures of the work the chidren accomplished. They are incredible!!  I have quite a few to share, take a look.

                         Knobbed Cylinder block
                                Pouring buttons
                              Transferring water with an eyedropper
                   Finding and coloring matching numbers
                Comparing Knobless Green and Yellow Cylinders
               Matching designs with Pink Tower and Brown Stairs
                             Soring "an" and "at" words
                          Pinpunching a Gingerbread Man
                           Blue Constructive Triangles
            Working with cards from North America Continent Basket
                            Flipping Gingerbread Men
                        Play doh work
                      Making designs with Knobless Cylinders
                           Tracing Sandpaper Numbers
Completing a coloring sheet of the knobless cylinders that he was working with. The Sensorial Work Cards are found at Montessori Print Shop

                    Color Box#2
 Using cornmeal to practice writing the number.
                        Crushing peppermints
                     Scissor practice
                       Collaging a wreath

 Matching table Number Rods to numbers
      Sorting living/nonliving objects. Lils' most favorite work to do.
Its' safe to say it is time for some more extension lessons with the Sensorial materials, and to introduce more work across the areas. They have grown so much this month! 

To see other children doing activities inspired by the Montessori Method please visit One Hook Wonder and Living Montessori Now for Montessori Monday.                                                               


  1. They're as busy as ever - always so engrossed in their work! I love the wreath craft. It turned out lovely!


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