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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Do you see what I see? I see all my pictures are warning signs. I can't fix it, it happened on both my blogs!! Help please!! If you know what I could do to fix this problem, could you please leave me a comment:)


  1. ??? I see that it is only affecting the last two posts (before this one...) If you try to publish a new post with pictures will it do the same thing?

  2. Thank you, Sasha. Unfortunately it does the same thing. I just posted some pictures on the other blog. I guess i have to wait and see. When I originally published the post the pictures were fine.

  3. mmm..maybe it is because your google account storage has expired, I think you pay $5 a year for storage if you have passed the limit of the free storage BUT i'm not sure my friend. It will be better if you contact blogspot.
    Hope you fix it soon : (

  4. It might have something to do with the template you chose for your blog:


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