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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Gingerbread Playdoh

I really liked how our Gingerbread Playdoh turned out.  It does wonders for the senses! This is the first time I added as many small items to the playdoy tray, but I really wanted to aid in fostering their creativity and still let the children feel that this is "real" work( our playdoh tray has been misused a lot of times). The items are small for some, so pincer grasp work is definetly a muscle that will be getting a work out. I decided to add this tray to the Sensorial area this time. I can hear the children counting out the objects as they create with them, also I know my sorters will be delighted with this work.

The playdoh is in the can. The can is easy for the children to open, and it is a mixture of ginger, and cinnamon scent when you open it up. The child will do this work at the table to allow them to remove the small tray with the objects and do the playdoh work on the tray.

 An example of the work that I did so I could share a photo with you and how it may look with the objects. The children are more creative than me, so I'll try to take a photo of this work in action.



  1. Oh, this I love! Pairing items with the play doh so the children can decorate "gingerbread" anytime? Brilliant! I'm sure it smells divine, too. Great idea!

  2. Thank you Melissa!!


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