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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Another Reason Why I Love Montessori

During the month of September we practiced a number of practical life skills that can't be shelved. Like how to ask for a lesson, how to wait while I am speaking to someone else, etc. One of the key presentations that the children was presented to was how to ask if you can watch another friend while they were working. They have done great with grasping this concept, and it has done wonders for the childrens' respect level that they have for each other. The children can accept hearing "No, not right now", this is  a huge step in their developmental stages. It also has helped my job tremendously in regards to guiding a prepared,peaceful enviroment, also children are becoming interested in many works that they see their friends working with.

Here is a photo of Andrew observing Ken while she was working on an activity. The first words that Andrew spoke before he sat down was "Can I watch" . When Ken was putting her work away he finally asked the question he had been waiting to ask, "you think you can show me that". I just love it!!



  1. What an amazing display of patience! I love seeing grace and courtesy in action :)

  2. yes, grace and courtesy lessons are very important :)

    thanks for great examples!

  3. it calls to my attention, your comment about how to wait when you are speaking to someone else, My kids are in a public montessori school, I visited my kid classroom and I observed the teacher has to many kids around waiting to be help (6 to 7) there are 22 kids and not much you have an advice on how to help them..they lost much time waiting for help....

  4. Anonymous, I am not a trained montessori guide so I feel a bit uncomfortable answering this question. I will share my experience in dealing with this matter. When children are shown the proper way to wait for their turn, they become responsible for what they are doing while waiting to speak to the person. It has worked out in my favor because I have worked with the same children for over a year, some even longer. Just a couple of months ago some were still running around while they were "waiting for help". Consistency helps, and maybe the teacher may need some volunteers to assist since it is still early in the school year. I hope this helps:)
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