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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Learning The Letters Of Our Names

After a month of finding our rhythm and enjoying the outside mostly. The children are ready for some lessons on learning their names.

The first activity I put together has the childs' name with a picture of the child next to it. Below are boxes that help the child to place the letters of their name in order. They use the moveable alphabet to do this activity.

   This activity the child also uses the name cards and makes a name bracelet.

On the back of each card I added a name label with their names written in all capital letters. Unfortunately I didn't notice the alphabet beads were in all capital letters when I purchased them. No harm, no foul now they are not only learning the names of the letters in their names but also matching capital letters to the lowercase letters that they are learning.



  1. This is great timing! My younger two are starting to recognize their names and we've been working on some name activities. We made placemats today with their names. I can't wait to try your ideas!

  2. Like the idea of building their names using beads.clever.
    Thanks for sharing.
    I apologize I haven't had the chance to leave comments lately but I have being very busy.just studying,sewing, and building up an etsy family shop. I will post about it soon.
    But you know I love reading your post.


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