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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Speechercise is a program avaliable on CD by TwinSisters. It is fun to do and it gets the children mouths moving and geared up. They have been learning various tongue twisters, and without knowing it have made great leaps in letter sound recognition. The music is just catchy! We work this into our work period whenever I notice most of the children becoming wanderers in the classroom. It has created a postive way to get the children back on track. I first found this resource when my daughter Ken was in second grade and one of her teachers recommended special needs services for speech. We gracefully declined,  I found Speechercise at a local teacher store, and we worked wtih this every night. At the next parent conference the teacher gave glowing comments about Kens' speech improvement , and was glad we changed our minds on her seeing the Speech Therapist! There you have it a personal account on how this resource positively changed Kens' life. The teacher ran out the next day and brought the CD for her classroom and says how it has improved the childrens' speech and reading. True Story. Here are some action shots of a Speechercise activity.

                                                Tongue Up

                                        Tongue Out

                                      Tongue Slide

Today after doing Speechercise a child asked me to work with the Sandpaper Letters. We were having a fun time with the letter F. Franklin shared with me how much he loved the letter F, I told him I liked the letter F too. It was fascinatng to see how much the children paid attenton indirectly to our lesson. Everyone wanted to show me their favorite letter.             




  1. OMGosh...I love Speechercise!! My kids have lots of fun with it. We also use Toobaloo... is available from many retailers.
    My son had fluency issues, so we also tried many things at home.

  2. I honestly hadn't heard of speechercise and considering Alex is now seeing the speech pathologist, this is something I need to look into. I can already see that Jordan and Kennedy are going to have similar tongue placement issues and weaker tongue muscles :(


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