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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Take Home Bags

In response to the request of the parents of the childreni in my care I have put together two Take Home Bags that contain a simple activity for the child to do at home. The bags are to be return the same way the very next day, so I can rotate them with the children. I plan on sending these home just once a week per child. All the parents say their children want to do school at home! I say that is fantastic! I am against "homework" but parental involvement I pray for every night. Each week I will put together a new activity that I think the children will enjoy doing and the parents can assist if necessary. The main role of the parent in regards to the Take Home Bag is to show their child how to care for others' property, and return the materials to school the same way they received it (no missing materials).

                                                  Count and Clip

                                           Number Sequencing Puzzle

 All of the printables are from Homeschool Creations.                                                                          

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