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Friday, October 28, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday we had a field trip to the Cider Mill/Pumpkin Patch. It was chilly but loads of fun.

When we first arrived we were greeted by someone who explained how the cider mill worked. It smelled so good in this place!!

 The children heard the story of Johnny Appleseed. The lady also shared how apples were picked with the apple basket pictured below.


Next it was time for the wagon ride! We saw a lot of beautiful and cool things along the way.

Finally we arrived at the Pumpkin Patch, all of the children got to pick their own pumpkin to take home. The rule was if you can carry it, you can have it.     

The field  trip was 45 minutes away so I decided we should have our lunch there. They enjoyed every bit of this field trip, and they loved drinking their apple cider out of their cute apple cups.


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