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Monday, October 10, 2011

Children In Action: Montessori Monday

The work period is so smooth around here. Lately we have been working past our normal stop time. Looking up at the clock and asking "Has it been three hours already?" Here are a few pictures to share.

                               First lesson with the Metal Insets.

          Moveable Alphabet with pink series.

                          Things That Go Together puzzles.

                            Continent Map Puzzle.

                                  Binomial Cube.

                      Making a pumpkin seed necklace.

                          Matching fabrics.

                                           Color Box #2

                                   Sandpaper Numbers.

                                         Spindle Box
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  1. I love to hear that time is flying in your school ... such great activities and concentrated work! I'll look forward to seeing what the children been doing in next week's Montessori Monday! Deb @


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