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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Following Eli: All Things Practical Life

Happy Birthday Eli!! Today Eli turned three years old. Eli and I have worked with each other on and off since he was an infant. Eli loves to clean, and will offer assistance to anyone who needs help with sweeping. Eli loves the polishing shoes work and does this activity over and over. You can always find Eli in the Practical Life area.
He truly has a love/hate relationship with the Pink Tower. One week this is his favorite work, the next work he will stay away from it and will tell you " No, not the Pink Tower today" when he walks into the classroom.
Coloring and working with play doh are among his top choices right now.


  1. I have a question:
    I've tried to figure this out but never having actually seen Montessori at work it's hard...
    Do you set all the work out at the beginning of the day?
    Are they free to change activites as they please? Are they asked to/required to finish they work they start?

    what are you doing while they work? helping? Interacting? Obversing?
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you for stopping by Talia! All work is always kept on the shelves for the children to chose from everyday. Certain work is changed out to add more interest or to go along with a theme. The traditional Montessori materials are avaliable for those who have had lessons on the work. I am normally working with a child on presenting a lesson, or if it is a good day sitting down and observing the children while their working. Yes they are free to change activities, often they will do so and then spend most of their time with what they are mostly interested in. The guidelines I have for our montessori inspired classroom is to use the materials for what they are intended for, and return the work to the shelf the way you found it, and also return your mat. I add a rule if it is traditional montessori materials, by only allowing a child to work with it after they have been given a lesson, this way they know what the purpose of the material is and how to use it properly. I hope this helps:)

  2. Replies
    1. I am glad you stopped by!! Isn't Eli so adorable:) Hugs.


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