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Friday, February 24, 2012

Following Mr. E: Every Letter Makes A Sound......

Mr. E is three and a half years old. I have been working with Mr. E since August of 2011. Mr. E stays busy! Mr. E's main goal in working with any activity is to find out how it works. Mr. E always ask me to show him new lessons. Mr. E never wants to stop working, he has even asked if he can spend the night:) Mr. E enjoys learning his letter sounds. Mr. E's favorite way to practice letter sounds is playing Knock- Knock with the Sandpaper letters.
In the picture above Mr. E proceeds to match the uppercase letters to the lowercase letters.
Another language work that he is currently enjoying is matching things that go together. You can find this work for FREE at Montessori For Everyone.
He also works with practical life activities, using a funnel and a ladle to transfer sand.
Mr E. very recently has fallen in love with the Binomial Cube.

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