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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Following Lil: The Bird Lover

Lil is four and half years old. Lil and I have been working with each other since March 2010. Lils' sister is Jessica. Lil loves birds and her favorite animal is a duck. Ask her the names of different types of birds and in a matter of 30 seconds she has probably told you about forty. Lil has gone through the normalization process and I have so much fun with this girl:) Since the parakeet has been in her sight this is where you will find Lil.
When I added new works to the shelves that were bird related, Lil was in Bird Heaven. Lil was so excited to find out that the pattern block template was a picture of a Penguin.
Lil enjoys using the scissors and glue. This Bird Matching activity is a FREEBIE from Montessori Print Shop, this is a work that she has repeated over and over.
Lils' most favorite activity is pin punching. I got a lot of hugs from Lil when she saw this work:) Lil is my go to person to give a lesson to someone in pin punching, she is the best!!
Lil is also interested in learning to read, right now she just wants to teach herself though.It works for us because we understand that we are learning from each other.
Lil coloring a bird. Coloring and painting is a must activity for her to do everday.

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  1. I loved reading about Lil and her interest in birds! I featured your bird posts and your top photo in my Montessori-Inspired Bird Unit at


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