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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Following Maddux: A Very Independent Worker

Maddux is three and a half years old. I have been working with Maddux since July of 2010. Maddux is developing interest in all areas of subjects. Maddux enjoys to work alone, and he tends not to work in areas where there is high traffic, but as soon as everyone else has left the area is when he will choose a work from that area. Another thing I observed about Maddux is that he starts his day with the last work he worked with the previous day.
Working with Sandpaper Numbers while playing the game "knock,knock".
Learning to order the Number Rods.
One of his favorite activities is to use prepositional phrases while working with the Grammar Farm. In the above photo he is putting the horse in the fence.
Sorting magnetic and non-magnetic objects.
Polishing the geometric soilids that I used from our Mystery Bag that was being untouched by all the children.
Madduxs' new favorite activity is working with the World Map puzzle. In the photo he is using the control chart to match the shapes of the continents, and then he completes the puzzle.

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