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Monday, February 6, 2012

Montessori Monday

The week went by so fast for us. The children mostly repeated the same activities throughout the week. I love when they repeat the activities! It allows mastery of the materials and it shows me that they are enjoying themselves. The horse puzzle.
Matching sandpaper letters to name card. Later in the week Jessica went on to spell her name correctly.
Transferring sand using a measuring cup. This work is still a hit among the children.
Stringing beads.
Pin punching a heart. Lils' most favorite activity right now.
Andrew revisited the Geometric Solids.
Color box #2 is completed because Jessica favorite color is pink.
Lil was introduced to the Teen Boards two weeks ago. Now this work brings her much pleasure and it is a work that she will do at least once a day.
Mr. E has found he likes a new number the #1. For the longest he would only work with the sandpaper number 3. Mr.E enjoyed completing the #1 booklet.
Counting the number rods. Jessica is not too far away for using this work with the number cards.
Knobbed Cylinder blocks.
Working on stamping the letter "Bb" and working with sound picture cards.
I am looking forward to another great week with this group. They have built themselves a strong community as well. There are a lot of birthdays coming up and everyone has invited each other to the parties. I also love how they have made friendships between parents happen.
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  1. Wow. so many different activities are these all from the same week and the kids just choose various centers or do you switch out activities throughout the week?

  2. Such great work each week - and I love that the children have built a strong community, too! It's awesome that friendships are even starting among the parents! Thanks so much for linking up with Montessori Monday each week! :) Deb @


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