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Friday, October 5, 2012

Make Some Noise!! A GIVEAWAY

It has been awfully quiet over here!  I have come to the conclusion that it must be time for a GIVEAWAY.

I ordered our October's supplemental curriculum and by mistake they sent me two boxes. They told me to just keep the extra box, but I don't need two. I thought it was a perfect time to get y'all to make some noise over here!!
The GIVEAWAY is for one month of  Mother Goose Time Curriculum for October for six children. You will receive a package that will contain 20-23 days of learning, everything you need to implement the curriculum except for basic supplies like glue and scissors. If you choose to complete the baking activities you'll need to have those ingredients on hand. It will arrive at your doorstep and you will be ready to do school.
     The Starter Kit includes everything you need to set up the environment                                                                     
       Go here to drool over the Teacher Resource bag and the contents.                                                                      
 The Day Bags will keep your preschooler busy playing I Spy, singing songs, discovering the mystery shape, and making crafts. I think you are going to love how these bags will have your child begging for circle time. The kids here walk into school asking about if it is time for Circle Time. I'll warn you before you pop over there that you may get distracted, don't forget to enter the Giveaway.

October's theme is In the Orchard.  
       Weekly Experiences
Week 1: The parts of the tree
Week 2: How fruit tress grow
Week 3: Life in the Orchard
Week 4:Comparing skins and shells.
There is just so much to list so please click here for more detailed information about the theme. You will see the shape of the month, letters of the month, numbers of the month, colors of the month and the genre of music for the month.  Yes you will receive two Cd's in your box, and a Free Book.

If you are following along on this blog you will get a chance to see some of the learning activities you will receive as the WINNER of the GIVEAWAY. I will post our Day bag activities starting Monday, October 8,2012 and end on Friday, October 12 ,2012. This should help you decide if you want to enter the Giveaway before it closes on Friday, October 12,2012.

Although this boxed curriculum is not the traditional way in implementing the Montessori Method but it can truly become Montessori inspired if you adhere to the philosophy. My kiddos here look forward to our Circle Time and it creates such a positive vibe before starting our Work Period. Circle Time becomes so contagious and often times I see my school age children quickly joining in:)

This curriculum is geared toward children ages two and half  through five years old. Once you get it in your hands you can tailor it to fit your children's need. Some of the work I put on the shelf for individual choice making, other work we do during Circle Time. I encourage you to visit Mother Goose Time and explore their site. 

On another note I know this is a package specifically designed for October, but you can definitely use this curriculum well into November. The children here like to repeat activities so if you have just one child and not six, you have enough to continue this theme for as long as you like. Or just do the activities that you know the children will like and save for a later time.

This boxed curriculum is a classic I have been using this curriculum on and off since my eleven year old daughter was three.

                                                        Here's a sneak peek.


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 The more entries you make the more noise on this blog, and a greater chance for you to win.

Make Some Noise                                                                                                                                              


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