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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mother Goose Time: Day 6

Our topic for Day 6 is Apples! Mother Goose has included a lot of great activities for this day.

The children will be making a Johnny Appleseed Craft.
 I have placed the stencils on the shelf so they can continue to make one using construction paper, this promotes some creativity and get some fine motor skills in play.

I will also be telling the story of Johnny Appleseed through storytelling pieces, and a script that was provided.

A file folder game was suggested for this day and also provided that I decided to make it a shelf only activity. I like to keep Circle Time short and sweet. 
 The child sorts the words and pictures according to sound. The letters are "a", "o", and "r". There is a control of error that is built in, the words and pictures are color coded according to the fruit growing on the trees.

 On the back of the file folder I placed a library pocket to hold the game pieces.
The kids here love file folder games so I just put it where we keep the other file folder games.

There is a lot more to do on Day 6, like playing the rotten apple game where the game pieces are provided. Also journal writing in their Little Journals. We will do these activities just on a different day.


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