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Monday, October 8, 2012

Mother Goose Time: Day 4

Our Circle Time activities take anywhere from ten minutes to twenty five minutes. We go over the Days of the Week through music and movement. We do calendar time which includes, counting and pattern recognition. Weather is done by using the picture clues on the board and a child places the circle on the correct picture. Many of the Mother Goose Time activities are for "school" time. I use the activities for Circle Time only. This allows whole group activity time to take place, a child most likely gets to take something home, and most importantly it allows for topic discussion. The topic discussions have been wonderful in developing language skills, as well as get other children who would normally shy away from participating in number activities, or writing. Overall this is a fun way to expose children who are not interested in certain things like letters and numbers to participate.

Today I will share the activities we did on Day 4

  During Circle Time we read the book a Visit to The Apple Orchard . The book is including in the Day 3 bag, but I decided to reread the story again on Day 4. Also one of the monthly letters were introduced, and so was one of the numbers.   

After reading the story we talked about different types of apples and I presented the Types of Apple cards. They also had a fun time painting and making Apple Headbands( all of the supplies are included in the day bag, except paint and glue).

On Day 4 there is also an activity which comes with a recipe card to make Mini Apple Pies.

We made the Mini Apple Pies the next day. 

If I used this curriculum the way that it is intended to be used then their is plenty of time to complete all of the activities on the same day. After we complete our circle time activities we go straight into our Montessori Work Period. I do not present any new work lessons during circle time. I always do this during small group work or individually.  I will only present lessons during Circle Time if it has something to do with our Topic discussion of the day.             

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  1. I love how you work with your children it`s like your them but you don`t control their emotions.So you do need to start a school it shold be wonderful if you do.So how do you do it so kind it`s almost like it going to be awsome,great just too good for school homeing you need to start a building!!!DJ

  2. This is the best comment that I ever received!! Thank you so much for sharing how you feel. The school idea is awesome but would be just perfect if you are there too:) Thank you my favorite boy in the whole wide world!!


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