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Monday, November 1, 2010

The Farm

  One of our topics this month will be learning about what animals live on farms, what grows on farms and what is life like on farms. Last week I asked the children what they knew about farms. They all responded to this question joyously, and they all kept repeating things about horses. So to introduce our studies on farms I set up these works I will be introducing this Monday about farms.

This tub contains items that you would find on the farm, some animals that you will find on a farm, and a farmer. I filled this tub with oats.

Tracing name activity. The child opens the barn and draws their favorite farm animal . I printed their names so that they can use tracer paper to learn to write their name. I hope that doing their own farm animal helps them to recognize their name. The kids here are already good at remembering to find their own coloring pages when they are complete piled in a stack of papers. I ask them who did this and they can always tell me which one is theirs.

 On the shelf will be the basket holding the name cards, and a tray with the tracer paper and clothespin. The clothespins will attach the paper to the end of the name card to keep the paper from moving.

                                           Parts of the horse puzzle.

                                            Horses. Matching object to object.

                                  This is how the work looks when completed.

                                   Matching picture to picture.

   I love the pictures in this book!!  This book is a great resource to the picture matching cards.



  1. That is a great idea to do the themed sensory bin!! There are so many directions that you can go with it! I just struggle to find the things (inexpensively) to match the theme. Love it though! Kerri

  2. awesomeness! we are going to be studying farm animals & farms too!!


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