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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pilgrims/ North America

We have been learning about the life of the Pilgrims and the First Thanksgiving. The children were very surprised to learn that the Pilgrim children did not go to school, instead they helped the adults with the chores. We been reading the book Pilgrims of Plymouth by Susan Goodman. I love everything about this book, the pictures are awesome and the language is just right for preschoolers.

                                                           Here is the cover.

After reading the books they did some weaving just like Pilgrim children would do when helping the family. They created wallets by cutting the strips then weaving the paper through the precuts mats. They folded it to make the wallet, then I stapled it closed for them.                                                                    
                                               Cutting the paper strips.


                                                      Colored the finished weaving wallet.

                                                Cutting money to put in their wallets!!

  During DJ's afterschooling time he has been independently working with the North America map puzzle. DJ created his own map . I don't have pictures of him tracing the puzzle pieces, but here is pictures of everything else he accomplished.
                                              Painting the countries of North America

                   Using the label maker to make the labels for the names of the countries.

                                           Labeling the names of the countries on his map.

                                                The finished product.
To see other children doing activities about geography and history please visit  Children Grow, Children Explore, Children Learn .                                          


  1. Oh what fun! My plan was to start discussing the first Thanksgiving until the earthquake interrupted things.

  2. they were busy. Looks like a great unit

  3. What a great project! Amazing job!

    Found you via Almost Unschoolers.
    We have slowly been implementing the Montessori principles to our homeschool methods.

    Great blog & post.

  4. I love that Pilgrim book too! Thanks for visiting my blog, and for your lovely and very kind comments! : ) Karen


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