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Monday, November 1, 2010

Toddlers At Work

  The toddlers have been loving being part of the whole enviroment. They seem like they have grown older overnight. Their vocabulary skills are growing and we are understanding each other a whole lot better. At the beginning of our school year I had to take it slow. The dynamics of our group changed so this lead me to make a decision to create their own space. I knew it would be temporary, but for them it was way too long to be away from the whole group. Here are some photos of what they been up to.

                                                   Seriously leading their own circle time.

Spooning leaves.

                                                     Five Little Pumpkins.

                                                       Stringing buttons.

                                                        " I did it , I ripped the paper up".

                                                         Working with the pink tower.

                         Putting the cap back on the marker over, and over again.

            O.K. I seriously love my job! You have to love them, they are really really fun!!

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  1. nice work as always!

    and what a beautiful feast for Halloween!


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