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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Growing Corn (StArt)

The kids are really loving our art projects. They really are learning the basics like different tools to paint with, how to use glue with the correct amount, how to cut with scissors to get the results they want. The most important thing is they are learning the process and are becoming really happy with their art projects. I want to introduce various artist and their techniques to the children, but first we are tackling the basics of using our art supplies correctly and following directions more so than not. They are on their way and I am getting really excited for them because I know how much they love doing art projects and can't wait to continue watching their development in this area. This weeks' StArt project required more steps so I did this project with only two children at a time. We have been reading the book Corn Maize: The Gift of The Indians by Aliki. This book in my opinion is for children maybe as young as four, the pictures are great so we were able to read through this throughout the week. This art project really brought the book closer to home for them to gain a better understanding of .

                                                           The cover of the book.

                                                                    Growing Corn

                            Using dot markers to color the box green for grass.

Fingerpainting the oval yellow for the corn.

                    Tearing and gluing leaves on their sticks.
 Planting the corn by sticking their corn through the slots in the box.

                                The results their very own cornfield.

To see other children doing art projects inspired by books please visit StArt at A MOMMY'S ADVENTURES.                                                    


  1. I love your blog. I think my favorite part of it is being able to see the faces of the children while they are at work. It shows joy, thought, and concentration. Thanks :)

  2. I love your interactive cornfield. What fun!

  3. Looks like they had fun!!

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  4. Love their cornfields. Their faces tell just how proud they are of them too.


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