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Monday, November 8, 2010

Learning The Names Of The Planet

Here are a few activities I put on the shelf for the children to learn the names of the planets, and to understand they are a part of the solar system.

                                           Matching Object To Picture

Today after I introduced this work everyone wanted to do this, even my youngest who is 18months.

                                                       Solar System Puzzle

This puzzle is made by Melissa & Doug. It is a 48 jumbo piece puzzle. This is big work for some. They all admired this puzzle when we were finished putting it all together.

The children are really diggin our beginning astronomy work. The Universe tray is observed everyday, now the questions are coming. Stay tuned!!


  1. super! but where did you get these planets?? so cool!!

  2. Maria, I purchased the planets in a mobile kit from Hobby Lobby.

  3. What a great activity - it's so much more fun when you have actual objects (planets!) to match with the cards. I linked to your universe posts at

  4. Love those planets too. Heading to Hobby Lobby during the week to find them!

  5. love the objects to name work.


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