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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Toddler Tuesday

I was trying to figure out some features on my camera, while doing that I managed to delete a lot of pictures! This is not what I wanted to happen at all since I am using a loaner computer I don't know if they have been saved in my files. I really wanted to do a Toddler Tuesday post so I do have a few pictures of them in action and photos of some of their favorite works they have been choosing.

                                 Exploring the Native American object basket.

Gluing on shapes and green paper to decorate a tractor.

Matching pictures to shadows.

Working with Cylinder block.

Tweezing Corn.

                                                  Here are photos of some popular works.

 The children use these shapes so they can trace them with their fingers using the sand tray.

This is a puzzle purchased at Target in their dollar section. What I did was colored in the shapes onto the board to serve as a control of error.
                                                            The work when completed.

                                                                     Lacing shoe.

                                               Matching pictures of farm animals.

                                                    The  completed work.

Placing the pegs in the holes by matching the color. This idea came from the blog My Child's Dairy. I tried and tried but can't link to this blog site. This blog has awesome activities from infant to preschool, you must check it out!!
                                                          Completed work.

To see other toddlers learning inspired by the montessori method pop over to One Hook Wonder.


  1. Good thinking to color a control of error for that puzzle. Thanks for linking to Toddler Tuesday! :)


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