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Friday, November 5, 2010

My Universe

This idea for presenting the first lesson in Astronomy comes from Karen Tyler at Worldwide Montessori. It is called My Universe. I will not be giving a step by step with the photos because I feel I may be infringing on Karen Tylers' rights she sells her albums at a low cost, offers giveaways, and this album I received because I am a student in her class. I want to share with you how the room was silenced, if a pen dropped we would of heard it. The concentration that the children gave to this work I have never seen!

    Here is The Universe Tray. When the children saw this work I immediately had their attention.

After explaining to them what The Universe was according to Karen Tylers' album. I asked them if they would like to make their own universe, a  loud "Yes" was their response.

Karen Tylers' albums are geared toward the 2.5 to six years. When my daughter Ken saw this work she asked if she could make one. 

This work became very contagious. I ran out of jars to do this work so I have some children still waiting to do this work. This presentation is so concrete that it has the children begging to want to know more about our Universe! Thank you sooo much Mrs. Tyler!!!                                                                  


  1. Okay, I love that! Is it oil and glitter to make it?

    That would be contagious (FYI, contagious is spelled wrong in the last sentence).

  2. Ticia, yes it is oil and glitter. Thank you for the spell check. Blogging has made me a bit of a slacker with my grammar in general. Contagious misspelled is just one of my most noticeable mistakes.

  3. This looks like fun! I'll have to remember to do this with my son. :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Help me understand how to do this better. Oil and glitter. Shake it then what? Brush it on the back paper? Doesn't the paper get wet? How do you get the color on the page?

  5. Hi Sharon,
    To make the Universe in the jar you add oil, water, and glitter. The picture was downloaded from Karen Tylers' Astronomy album.

  6. I just followed this link over from Counting Coconuts. Wow! Ken looks so young!!

  7. I have Karen’s album. I took her class years ago. I have to look into it, it looks cool


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