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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Not A Good Week

  Starting on last Wednesday things started to go down hill. Our pet "Froggie" died!!  I noticed this in the morning, I left him there. I didn't really know how to tell the children. Around noon time Kay figured out Froggie wasn't moving, now all of the children are telling me this, so we all sat down and talked about how Froggie passed away. They took it better than I expected. They wanted to know if we could get another one. When I said yes they moved on real quick. Kids are just fun to be around and easy to please. I am just trying to figure out exactly what went wrong so it dosen't happen again. They all understand living versus non-living , that is what good came out of this. Then Thursday my computer crashed on me. I lost a lot of files, and pictures, downloads that I paid lots of money for are gone.  I am also behind now in my material making and just need to see a good comedy show. I will still be blogging, it will probably be about all the plans I have for the children for our Fall semester that will start in the next two weeks. Did I mention that my camera was damaged on Tuesday?  Now that I have shared this I think I can move on. Glad this blog exist or all the pictures would be gone. Had some really good photos though (lol) . Let me move on !!


  1. Oh no! So sorry to hear all that! You sound like you are taking it all in stride. Hang in there!

  2. I'm so sorry! there are weeks like that yes indeed ...
    Fortunately, the blog is here!
    Thought for Froggy!

  3. Oh no what a week.... one of the children's guinea pigs died a few weeks ago and we went through the whole buriel thing.... traumatic for me more than the kids!! I always worry about a computer crash and losing things..... I keep telling myself that I must back it up but I never do..... can you have any of it recovered from a computer expert?? Also people are very kind.... if you contacted some of the material makers that you donwloaded from they may well send you them again for free..... good luck, looking forward to seeing your plans, hugs, jen x

  4. Sorry to know all that! I send you a hug. I wish things get better soon.

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