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Friday, December 17, 2010

Afterschooling: Weekly Wrap Up #3

This week the kids started at the new school. Boy were they excited, unfortunately Monday was a snow day all schools were closed. Yes for Michigan it was our first snowfall and it came down. They have come home from school really excited about the things that they have learned. DJ is placed in an all boys classroom. I pray for his teacher everyday, must be a man of great patience.  Ken was excited to read in front of her class using a microphone. DJ loved that they played math games, and Michelle is loving gym class. So far so good making this quick transition. One thing that Ken expressed to me was her desire to learn division with three digit numbers. In school they were working on this concept, this was the first time she has beeen introduced to this math skill. Friday is their last day of school before winter break, they will return in January.  Here are some activities that they managed to do while they were sharing tales about their school day.

                                     Mathematics, Geometry and Sensorial
                               Working with the Multiplication Bead Board.

                                    Learning the Parts of the square.

                                                                Binomial Cube.


                                     Grammar Farm work. Nouns, verbs, articles.

  Dictionary work. Finding the meaning to vocabulary words in the book Rags and Riches.

                                       Parts of speech work.

                  Small moveable alphabet. Spelling dinosaurs' names.

                                                              Cultural Studies

           Michelle has been spending most of her free time working in this book.

                                           A page from the book.

                                        Omnivore, Herbivore, Carnivore sort work.

Sorting dinosaurs by continent.

   The favorite past time for this week has been initiated by DJ constantly asking his sisters to play this Knight game that comes with the Knights and Castles work found at The Montessori Goldmine Shop.

 We are having lots of fun preparing for Christmas. Please come back and visit next week to read the Christmas edition.        
                                             Thank you for Reading!!


  1. Gosh! I truly wish I could send Ella to school with you! Kerri

  2. Wonderful to look through all your excellent works!

  3. Thank you for the nice comments ladies. Kerri, I am blushing!!

  4. Wonderful. I work in the kindergarden and my children want to play Knight game.Can you send to me the rules of the game.


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