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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Counting Buttons ( Cards and Counter Variation)

So the christmas themed works are getting a lot of work respect around here. The children have been using the works I posted about yesterday over and over. This is a good thing because some of the works that I created before in the past were short lived on the shelf. I came up with a cards and counters variation using gingerbread people as cards and christmas themed buttons for counters. When I presented this work to the children they were excited, a few children received their first presentation of Cards and Counters . Their high interest in this work contributed to their success in completing the work cycle with this work.

 I have included numbers 1-10 for this work on the tray. For picture purposes I have how it would look for the numbers 1-5.

      Some of the children use this number line to help them sequence the numbers.

                                               Tray set up.



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