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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


 When the childrens' parents came and picked them up yesterday the kids kept talking about candy was in their shoes. Some parents were clueless about what their child was talking about until I showed them their childs' art work .

                                                 The Flag Of Germany

      I showed the children this picture of the flag of Germany.

                          Then they went to work on making their own flag of Germany.

Then we found where Germany was on our map of Europe. Using our piece from our Europe map puzzle they also learned the shape of Germany on the control map.

 To bring this geography lesson more revelant to them I say " Many children in Germany place shoes out hoping for them to be filled  with candy, fruit, and other small gifts." The chidren heard the word candy loud and clear. I gave them a picture of a shoe to color.

After naptime I asked the children if they would like to leave their shoes out like the children in Germany in hopes for some special treats, of course they all said yes.

When it was time for them to put their shoes on they found their special treat.

 Fun !! The cool part was when they say they wanted to go to Germany to do this everyday. This was great preschoolers learning about children in other places in the world. Come and share your adventures in time and space at History/Geography exchange hosted by Children Grow, Children Explore, Children Learn.




  1. We learned about Saint Nicholas as well yesterday.

  2. What a fun idea! I'm sure that will help the kids remember Germany in the future. They'll always equate it with getting candy in their shoes!

  3. It would have worked even better on Dec 6 which is St Nicholaus Day in Germany. I plan to do some "Christmas in Germany" stuff next week and might use some of your ideas. I know that our daughter will be delighted to find candy in her shoe :)


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