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Monday, December 6, 2010

Montessori Monday

 The kids are doing a wonderful job here. They are asking for more lessons. I am noticing a cycle I think every 4-6 weeks they begin to ask for new lessons, the other times they really have to be encouraged to try something new. Does this happen to anyone else? 

 Matching letters and pictures to make a quilt.

 Moveable alphabet. Mumble loves the control of error on the back of the cards.

                                  Beginning sounds puzzle.

                                                              Practical Life
                                        Wet pouring.

                                             Weaving with a pine cone.

                                          Scooping with the sensory tub.

               Getting the feel of the circle from the Geometric demonstration tray.

                                Red knobless cylinder blocks.

                                      Color box #3.

            Using sticks to form the square using the Geometric cabinet cards.

                              Pink tower/Brown stair extension.


 Ten board work. You see a 100, because Mumble wanted to count to 100 !

   Ordering the gingerbread men using the numberline.

                                    Counting and Sorting.


Here is Dre doing a zoology puzzle marathon . Dre entered the classroom and went straight work.

                             Coloring the planets.

To see other children learning using the montessori method pop over to One Hook Wonder.



  1. I love all your activities!!! Specially, the math ones!@!!

    Thanks for share them!!

  2. Great activities! You've inspired me to have Pita Pocket form shapes from pipecleaners when we do the geometric cabinet tray this week - thanks! Thanks for linking to Montessori Monday. :)


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