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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our New Scrubbing Table

 I put together a scrubbing table for the children. I have been personally longing for the one avaliable at Monstessori Services but it just isn't a feasible option right now. I  presented it to the children yesterday. It is now one of their favorite things to do. Everytime one child completed the work another child was waiting to do the work.  We only had a washcloth to use yesterday, hoping for some more dirty laundry( did I just say that).

The pitcher is used for retreiving water from our water source. I have a line marked with a line for how much water it needs to be filled with. The scrubbing board and an apron is in the dishpan on the left, this is the dishpan where they will be doing the scrubbing. The dishpan on the left is for rinsing, Below the table on a shelf is the laundry detergent.

                                           Our clothes line for hanging the wash.

                                                               Our laundry basket.

  Mumble joyously scrubbing. I have since moved the table on the otherside of the wall. It was too tight of a spot with our pet Max behind him.



  1. The scrubbing station is great! Ella would love it!! Kerri

  2. Love this work station!!! Have wanted to get one up and running, where did you find the small scrub board???
    PS...absolutely love your blog!! what you do with your little ones is amazing!!!

  3. Hi! Michelle I purchased the scrub board on line from Montessori Services. They sell them in two different sizes. The one the kids are using here is the small one.


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