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Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Story of Snow (Science Sunday)

 This week during our small group lesson we learned the Story of Snow. 

We talked about the water cycle and how the rain comes down from the clouds and is then collected in our lakes, rivers, ponds, etc, and then goes back up to the clouds. The children understood this concept very well and then they changed the rain to snow.

After we learned the Story of Snow, we made some Insta Snow . A perfect sensory bin for our topic. We did not get any snow here last week.

                       Later on we also did this Participation Story.

This story tells how Baby bear loved Spring and watched the strawberry flowers promise him berries. Baby bear loved summer because he would roll down the grassy hill and slide into the river and catch some yummy fish. Baby bear loved Fall because he would run through the woods and chase spiders hiding in the moss. Baby bear couldn't remember Winter. The children learned that Baby bear couldn't remember Winter because bears hibernate in the Winter. We discussed what hibernation means. They participating in this story by everytime they heard me read the word bear they had to take a step closer to the bears' den.
                      Pretending to be a bear coming out of its' den in Spring.

          They also enjoyed making their own dens with Big bear and Baby bear.    

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  1. The dens look like great places to hibernate. I also love the blanket den! If I could, I'd send you some of our snow. We have plenty!

  2. My background is in aviation. So, I love how you explained the water cycle! Kerri

  3. Very nice! I like the participation in the story - what a great way to keep the kids engaged.

  4. I have a friend who just gave me some insta-snow to try, she says it's awesome.

    I love the participation, those make some of the best stories.

  5. Cute ideas. I need to get some of that snow. We did that once a few years ago, and it was fun.

  6. This post caught my eye. did you just put snow on the back of the rain drops for the kids to change over? I love the idea of this lesson and think my kids could really use it.

  7. Martianne, you got it! That is exactly what I did. Thank you for stopping by.


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