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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Keeping Those Hands Busy!!

 Wet pouring hasn't been used as often as it should be. The children are really good at dry pouring. They still need support with wet pouring so I am at odds to present extensions to this lesson. I do know that most of the children begin their work period with their most favorite activity that usually dosen't offer much of a challenge but it is still satisfying to them and allows them to gradually throughout the work period become more focused and begin to work with materials that do offer them a work more catered to their individual goals. In effort to take advantage of this process I have added hand works to the Practical Life area. They love to make stuff all of the time so I thought it would be fitting to kind of add these works to bring a new flavor to what the Practical Life Area can also offer them.


                                              Sewing buttons.

Our fabric and thread box. This holds the materials that the child can use to make their own works of arts with the sewing needle.

                                  A closer view of some of the matrials inside the box.

                                                The sewing tools basket.

                                               The beginners weaving loom.

                                                  Our large weaving loom.

This is the first time that I have had a whole shelving unit dedicated to hand works.  I am excited to see how this plays out with the children.

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