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Monday, December 20, 2010

Montessori Monday

 We are still working here. We will have Friday off and return on Monday. This is still a daycare, I work when parents work . Which is a wonderful thing if you live in Michigan where the economy is bad! Finding a job is hard.  Here some pics of the kiddos working in action.

                                                         Practical Life

                                                                 Watering plants.

                                                             Velcro dressing frame.

                                                                    Scissor practice.


                                       Pink level matching words to pictures.

                                                                  Metal Insets.

                   Matching socks.  I added more socks to make this more challenging.



                                                      Cards and Counters variation.

                                                       Graphing our favorite way to stay warm.


                                                      Parts of the tree cards.

                                                Watching the earth orbit the sun.

                                                                 Owl craft.

                                                           Solar System puzzle.

To see other children doing montessori activities please visit One Hook Wonder.

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  1. I especially like the earth and sock activity. I'll have to try that with my children over the next couple of weeks. Thanks for tsharing all your creative ideas.


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