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Friday, March 4, 2011

Afterschooling: Weekly Wrap Up #9

 My kids had their first parent conferences at school yesterday. We were very proud of their accomplishments that they are making at school. All of the teachers gave them wonderful compliments about their work ethics and how they are happy that they are their teachers. Michelle  is a shining star and proves to be at the top of her class. Michelle took a national test that involves all schools across America that belong to the heritage academies and scored 99 in all subject areas which means there is only one other child that may have outscored  her on the test. Michelle is a competitive person so this made her happy to hear. The only problem the teachers have is that they need to find more challenging work for her!  Michelle is in 7th grade and is very capable of doing high school level work. Fortunately we live in an area that once a child enters High School and taking the necessary assessments that show their capable of college level work they may do so at the local community college. We are happy about this since Michelle has a college schloarship already avaliable to her.

  Michelle has been interested in writing poetry lately and purchased this book kit with some of her birthday money to write her poems in.

Michelle is still into learning about DNA and has been reading this book. It is a heavy read but she is really enjoying it.

  Also she carries this book around all day. Michelle is determined to be fluent in Spanish.

Kens' birthday was yesterday and she turned ten years old !  My kids are getting old and rather quickly. Ken got exactly what she wanted for her birthday.

                                                           Addy Walker.

                and a whole of lot of gifts to jump start her garden.

  Ken has just one chapter left in her Addy mystery book, and she is very excited to Meet Kaya who is the first girl in the American Girl series. Ken is already asking me to get materials ready for her studies on North America and the United States. I have to admit this series is a pleasure for me also I love how the books bring history alive.
Ken continues to work with the Long Division Board with Racks and Tubes.

DJ has been doing great with independent works. He decided to work on the Geometric Solids. DJ says he could know the names a little better.

He loves to work with money and does a great job of coming up with story problems to solve on his own.

       This puzzle is a new work on the shelf so he had to do this right away.

                                           His current reads.

   DJ likes to do what he sees his sisters do so this is his first independent sewing project.

DJ also has become hooked to the game of bowling.

Everytime he watches so patiently for the balll to make its way down. Whatever way the ball rolls he moves his body in that direction, it is very interesting to watch him do this.

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading what the kids have been up to this week. Thank you for all the nice comments. Have a wonderful weekend!!


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