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Friday, March 18, 2011

Today Is Friday!!

 I have a lot of things going on right now so I thought I do our weekly wrap up this Friday. Lots of fun we have had this week. Some photos of the kids while working.

                              Having fun with colored ice cubes.

 Working with the continent puzzle map. Anna has been doing this activity a lot. Now that she can complete the puzzle she is wanting to learn the names.

                           Pouring buttons.

                          Writing and reading the names of the objects.

                            Making a number book.

                           Building numbers with the golden bead materials.

                                Ordering the days of the week.

                              Sorting Lucky Charms.

 The toddlers posing for the camera while working with the alphabet scoop and lace work.

                             Building with nuts and bolts.

                                     Tracing a shamrock.

I am linking this post to  Homeschool Creations  the Preschool Corner where you can find other children doing preschool activities.                                               


  1. I love all these activities..thanks for sharing!Have a great weekend.

  2. They look like they really enjoyed the colored ice cubes!! :) Thanks for joining in with us!

  3. Your kids/students always look like they're having fun with such great activities!

  4. The colored ice cubes are way too fun!



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