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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bug Wranglers

This past weekend my kids and I decided for the fun of it to go to Toys R Us. I really like looking at different toys and of course my kids are always game. They know by now that just because we are looking doesn't mean we are going to buy anything. It has been awhile since we visited Toys R Us so I was really shocked by their selection of quality science related materials at good prices. So DJ spotted an Bug Vacuum where you find bugs, catch them, observe them, and release them. Now we are jumping up and down because we are seeing some really cool things. For example they carry a lot of Insect Lore products right now they are half off the price!  The moment we made it back home my kids have been outside trying to find as many bugs as they can. DJ has claimed this vacuum because he wants to earn the badge that was included, the directions clearly state how you earn the badge. I don't have a picture of it because it mysteriously came up missing when I went to look for it.

                Here is the cover of the Pop-UP  Field Guide.

 Digging for bugs. Although the season is Spring it is still chilly here in Michigan so looking for bugs may not be a successful task right now.

                                     Turning rocks over.

                        Showing off  the ant he found.

                                   Checking out the field guide.

                Ken loves dirt, she can shovel dirt for hours!!




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