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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Zoology Spring Studies

The kids are really excited about our new arrival. We will be learning about Praying Mantises. When they saw that it was an egg, the questions having stopped. We love learning about insects and watching how they go through the life cycles. The egg arrived early today and this study has already been our main topic of lessons. This time around the children will use nature journals to draw the changes of our new pet. I will write what they dictact to me for those who are unable to write.

Here are the first pictures I took of two children observing the egg while I was setting up the habitat.

                           A closer look at the egg.

A book with information that is really preschool friendly. The book also comes with suggestions for other books about Praying Mantises that I hope the library has avaliable.

                               Model of the life cycle stages.

                    A really cool poster that illustrates the life cycle too.

           The Praying Mantis egg will reside on our nature table.

I purchased these items from insect lore.


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  1. This must be very exciting. Our Insect Lore catalog arrived last week and I was thinking about ordering this kit. It looks like it's worth it.


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