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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

People Say Hello

Our small reading group started a new book titled People Say Hello. I was hoping that it would be a good reader for them and they have shown me so far that I was right. The sight words are mainly names of different countries, the new sight words that are on most dolch word list are: people and hello. This reader has brought back the childrens' interests in geography lessons. Here are some activities that we have managed to do so far this week.

                                    The cover of our book.

                                A page inside the book.

  This maze was a great warm up activity for their hands. As we were flying our airplane to the airport(using our pencils) I read the names of the countries we were flying by.

 Working with the Tag World Map. This is super cool resource for our reader. When you place the tag on a picture of a child the child tells you how they say hello in their language and what country they are from.

  Another activity that we did as a group was make a continent map poster. Using our continent map puzzle as a guide the children have been tracing and cutting out their shapes of the continents. I traced the map puzzle on a piece of poster board so they could use the outline as a guide to match where the continents belong on the map.

Once they had placed their continents on the map correctly they were given a  glue stick.                                                                                         

Then they cut and pasted the matching names of the continents onto their maps.

                        They finished up their work by tracing the letters of Our World.

  I am linking this to Children Grow, Children Explore, Children Learn where you can find more activities other children have been doing with geography and history.



  1. That makes me want the Tag world map even more.

  2. I will have to look into this book. I love the extensions you did. Thank you for sharing and linking up this week.

  3. Thanks for sharing the book!

    I love the airplane maze too!



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