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Thursday, June 10, 2010


                                   Over the weekend  I went over this blog to look at the various things that I have post about, I then realized  I had never post about the lady that makes my day !! Meet "Miss R". Miss R is my assistant who brings a lot to the table. She arrives on time and ready to work with a smile everyday.  Miss R has been with us for a year now. She has in every way helped with the implementation of the montessori method with the children. Miss R is our infant and early toddler teacher. They love her and adore her personality, and her quick responses to their needs. Miss R also shares a passion for the montessori method she has even started homeschooling her son using the montessori method. She has promised  to allow me to take pictures of her sons' (Eli) learning space at home. During the childrens' naptime we discuss our observations and make the necessary steps to achieve success. We are totally on the same page.The parents respect her suggestions and always ask her about their childs' day, they enjoy her remarks and very descriptive details. I really appreciate her patience with the children and myself . I know I can take people on roller coaster rides from time to time with all of my new bright ideas(lol). She is one lovely and funny lady that I am grateful to be able to spend my day with.


  1. Lovely post. You really have done such a great job implementing the Montessori method in your preschool/daycare. Your activities are super and it looks like the children are wonderfully engaged. How lucky the children and parents are to have you : )

  2. Thank you sooo much, Montessori Beginnings!!

  3. I always love reading posts like this, glad you have such a wonderful helper. And I look forward to seeing how she does this at home.

  4. What a great idea to buy comb and brush set. I really like your mirror and table set up. Im going to look and try to set one up like that. Mine is commercial but I want to make it more like home. I think adding new brushes and combs would be awesome for the toddlers. I thank you for your Infant and Toddler Activities. Im always looking to add to my activities for mine as well. Lisa:)


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