The Work Plan

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


                        My twelve year old daughter came home from school with this on Tuesday her last day of school. An official scholarship certificate. Upon completing her high school diploma she may attend the local community college for two years Tuition Free!!  I am one proud mama. My daughter has always work hard and been self motivated.  By the age ten she had copied the entire Webster Dictionary in one summer. She is a great model for her siblings. According to her test scores and report cards if she continues on this same path she will be attending college classes by tenth grade. I had to post about this because this is a big deal to my family and I know she would love to read this on this blog. By the way my daughter said she plans to attend Harvard for college. Congratulations! 



  1. Wow, what a deal. Congratulations.

  2. Girl...I don't know how you didn't take out an add in the paper! That's AWESOME!!! I'da tatoo'd her with it! least made up a tshirt...


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