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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers' Day!!

                 Lots of times fathers get a really bad deal. When babies are developing in the womb, they are really becoming dependent on their mother from the very beginning. When they are born immediate attachment happens from breast feeding.  No matter how old they are they scream "momma" when they get hurt. How do fathers cope with all this and still stick around?   Well they are given certain talents from God that I have only observed from fathers. When a child falls and hurts themselves, and the father is right there the crying almost stops immediately when their father is there to lift them up. When a child is hungry, the father is able to get the most pickiest eater to eat what is provided with silence. When a childs' discipline is unfavorable, you can witness one of Gods' gift to fathers their voice. They do not have to raise a voice, they do not have to repeat themselves, and they never scream. Being a mother of three these talents that fathers have, have made everything possible for me to be able to continue to be a good mother. When "DJ" falls outside and barely scraps a knee, I get a drama scene when dad comes out to see what happened everything is fine and he is playing again. When "Ken" plays around at the dinner table with her mashed potatoes all daddy has to do is walk in the kitchen and the potatoes are gone. When the oldest decides she wants to be the boss to her siblings all dad has to do is say a few words and mums the word. Sounds simple but its' not at all. Take a moment to think . There are a lot of statistics that show how children without fathers end up  going down the wrong path, failing in schools, ending up in abusive relationships, in prison, the list goes on and on. So to all the men who have stepped up to plate of being fathers I commend you. Fathers have the toughest job on this planet. It is through fathers that we can stop these horrible cycles from continuing. Also fathers have to deal with us (lol). We(moms) never know when to stop making request about anything. I would like to personally thank my husband for being a father to our kids so their chances of failures have decreased. I would like to thank my dad for being there for me and showing me what I should look for in a husband/father. I would like to thank my gramps for raising my father so he would know how to be a father.

                                                Happy Fathers' Day!!

                                                                    From "Michelle"

                                                                  From "DJ"

                                                                    From "Ken"

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  1. What a great post for your husband and your Dad and all the men in your life.


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