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Friday, June 4, 2010

From Pupa To Butterfly!!

 The childrens' excitement about our butterfly unit is growing more and more everyday. They ask a new question about butterflies every hour. I had a quite a bit of activities set up for them . Here are some photos.

                                         Our butterflies emerged this week from their chrysalis. The children prepared their habitat. They were just glowing with joy as they watched all four chrysalis transform into butterflies one by one right before their eyes.

                                                       "Z"  pin punching a butterfly.

                                                 Butterfly classified three part cards in action.

 "Gian" completing a stamp lifecycle of the butterfly wheel.

Using  books as references.

 When the kids got a chance to hand feed the butterflies, I could really see that they were feeling proud of themselves, and bonding with the butterflies was taking place. The children begin to give the butterflies names. One child asked me "Do we really have to let them go"? Hmmmm.


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  1. What wonderful resources you have in your classroom.


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