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Friday, June 11, 2010


This week the weather was just right to let our butterflies free. The children still were not ready to part with their new friends, but I explained to them what all  livings things need to live and that helped them to understand why we had to free the butterflies.

Here are some activities that they did this week with our butterfly unit.

This activity the child chose what butterfly they liked the best from our butterfly three part classified cards and colored a butterfly just like the picture on the cards.

Exploring how insects see.

 Looking at butterflies, discovering patterns.
                        What I learned is how important it is to learn using all the senses. With our butterfly unit the children did just that.  All the children now know the lifecycle of the butterfly. The goal of this unit was just that, some children learned much more than what was expected. Some children still are working with the materials, its' been a lot of fun!

Observing the butterfly once released.


  1. How'd they like watching how the insects see?

  2. The kids really like this activity, it is used often through out our day.


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