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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Geometric Solids

 You know sometimes after investing a lot of time and money I shake my head at how some materials really aren't used enough in my opinion. Then something happens! A child reaches their sensitive period for shapes and it starts being used over and over then I have to think "Oh yeah, I am following the child, right"!

 Geometric Soilids was one of those materials that I thought I could of got by without. This was until Andrew found his new interest in shapes. Andrew for the last two weeks has been reciting the names of the various shapes with the metal insets, shape puzzles, and can now tell you the names of all the Geometric Solids. Here are some pictures of him working with the Geometric Solids during one work period.

Matching the shape to the picture.

Using the bases for the solids.

Exploring what is flat, what is round.

Having a private conversation with his friends by name.

Andrew is having a lot of fun on his own totally self motivated shape hunt on a daily basis. The beauty about this is that Andrew's enjoyment of his work with the Geometric Solids is becoming contagious.


  1. My son has been enjoying the solids a lot lately as well :) It sure does make you fell good about your decisions when you see it working like it should.

  2. How great to see a child meeting the needs of a sensitive period! I featured your post and photo in my geometric solids post at


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