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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Making Connections

Warning!!  What you are about to see is not what is considered  the "proper" use of montessori materials. The child that you are going to see in the following pictures did not feel he was doing anything wrong or did I make him feel that he was doing anything wrong. Take a breathe, now please read on.

                                                   Remember "Dre" sweeping the stairs.


                                      Today "Dre" went into the sensorial area . He was working all by himself. As  I was walking around. I found "Dre" doing this.

When "Dre" saw me he smiled and said " Ms.T  I am doing the brown stairs". I was very happy for him. This was the first time that " Dre" has worked with the brown stairs with perfect order. He kept saying " stairs, stairs".

Here is another picture of why I believe he was able to complete the brown stair work.

"Dre" walking on the brown stairs helped him to connect to the stairs he walks down everyday. I cannot with 100% certainty say that  "Dre" would not have been able to properly order the brown stairs without walking on them. I can say that following "Dre" and observing him did contribute to his success. First "Dre" wanted to sweep the steps, and was able to do that.  Next "Dre" wanted to work with the brown stairs and completed that. My next step with "Dre" with the brown stairs is to use the correct language such as width, and encourage other extensions and connections that would encourage proper use. 

There is "no child left behind" using the montessori method!!




  1. Brilliant! Good for you for sitting back and letting him have such a great learning connection!

  2. Ha, we so don't use things right all the time. Loved it.

  3. I really enjoy all your posts! I'm learning so much from them. Sometimes I don't know how to handle certain situations. For example, if my kids would've done this I'd thought he was misusing the material. BUT, "Dre" was using the stairs in a sensorial manner. How do you draw the line??? If its not too much trouble, let me know at my email.

  4. You sitting back made that a truly sensorial experience. Imagine the connections he's made! I bet he's doing a lot of step work...not holding the bar...stepping 1 2 1 2 instead of 1 1..1 1..


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