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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Toddler Tuesday

          The toddlers have been making great improvements with using the materials laid out for them. Socially they have in my opinion proved that yes, at two you can show compassion and consideration for others. They use the words "excuse me", "thank you", and "please" very often. There are plenty of times when you can still hear the words "mine"  being spoken, but if I didn't hear these words I would have to question their birth certificates. Take a look at them working with so much confidence!!!
                                                                   Practical Life

Scissor practice with playdoh. Scissor practice completing work cycle. Transferring water using a baster. Pouring water in a ice cube tray. Clothespin work to help with pincer grasp.


 Looking at pictures in books. Working with opposite cards.


                                                                    Collaging a butterfly.

                              Sorting beads by color. Sorting pictures by color.


Matching object to pictures.

They are really working hard on finding their own works to do, with much success the works have been matching skill levels.  To see what other toddlers have been learning , go visit One Hook Wonder forToddler Tuesday.


  1. Every tuesday I read your blog to look for ideas for my toddler. I will try the Pouring water in a ice cube tray activity.
    Could you please told me what scissors are your toddlers using?

  2. Hi there. I'm curious too about the pouring water into the ice cube, I have the same exact one & pitcher. Do you pre-fill the cup with tiny amounts of water? Also- any particular types of scissors you recommend for toddlers?

  3. Hi!
    The scissors that the children use are friskars, I start them all with the scissors that are actually made for cutting play doh, I found these at Family Dollar with the play doh for 3 bucks. If you visit the post "Visitors" you can see a picture of our water source. The toddlers have learned by using this over and over how much water is needed for the cup and when to stop filling it up.

  4. Thanks for linking up to Toddler Tuesday. I LOVE the pouring water into an ice cube tray lesson. I'll be setting that one up here soon! I like the matching the cookie to picture lesson as well - I was eyeing that set at Target just the other week. I suppose I'll have to "force" myself to buy them now...LOL


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