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Monday, June 7, 2010

Montessori Monday

            Last week was a week full of presentations, the children wanted me to show them some new things. I managed to put together some new works. Also last week was a four day week for us, some children while waiting on new presentations took it upon themselves to do some review work, it was  awesome to see how far they have come. Our  work period is still about two hours, I think if I did a little rescheduling of our day we could possibly reach to a three hour work period. I am still not worried about our work periods because the most important thing is that they are actually working now. I had a few new children start,  it was a realgood feeling to watch the oldies introduce the new children to our school enviroment here some pictures of the children working.

                                                    Practical Life
 Sewing for the first time. Scissor practice.


 Independently reading with Zodiworks. Practicing writing sight words.


  On Tuesday "Tie-Tie"  did on his own the ultimate math review. He did the number rods, sandpaper numbers, spindle box, cards and counters, and the teen board all with mastery. I asked him " Did he want me show him anything new"? when he was sitting down without anything in front of him. He said " No, I just was in a math mood, I think I am done for now."  My heart was just smiling when I heard his words.


                                    This is our new classmate "C" working with the talking globe. "C" worked with this until the batteries ran out.  "Lil" working with the continent map for the first time. " Mariah"sorting land, air,water pictures by animal. "Gian" is working on a lesson introducing her to maps. "C" is also interested in butterflies and engaged himself with the butterfly puzzle over and over.

                                            Well this is somewhat of what our montessori week looked like. Giving presentations kinda prevented me from taking as many pictures as I usually do, but it was worth it. The classroom  materials were being used. Children were happy, and their was still laughter to be heard. Now, go pop over to One Hook Wonder and Mommy Moment to see how other children learned using the montessori method.

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