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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Popular Works

                          I thought I share some popular works that are on the shelves that the children have chosen to work with over and over. Not all works that I create always go over well. I hit the jackpot with these activities.                                        
Open and Close.

Tonging strawberries.

Pouring water with a funnel.

Nuts and Bolts.

Paperchains. These are really cool all you have to do is dip one end of the paper in the water and they stick together very easily. I purchased this from Montessori Services.

Fast /Slow sorting.

The Storytelling Box. Inside it has miniature objects, that the children use to create a story and share it orally with me or each other. I have had to write plenty of stories dictacted to me lately. This is fun, fun, fun!!

Embroidery work. I saw this on many blogs had to try it, the children love it and I now need more material!

 The scissors on this tray never get a rest.

They have used nametags to wait to use the dry erase work. I placed some sight words on the tray to encourage those who can read these words to also try to write them. The cards have been great copywork for others. What I like about this dry erase board is that one side has lines,and the other side is blank.

                                                                   The children here are very comfortable now learning the montessori  way. The new way of learning has taken time for all of us to adjust to.  I have some schoolagers that will be attending full time during the summer. Luckily all of them have been with me throughout the school year and since they were preschoolers. I have been reading, reviewing presentations, ordering materials, making materials we will continue our work periods during the summer. Since I am a daycare provider my children still attend on a regular basis. I know I am still in the state of trial and error, but the way the children are embracing the enviroment it is worth it. By the way the montessori curriculum for 3- 6 years is very much the same to our public school system for kindergarten through fifth grade. This statement alone is enough to blow me away.  The Montessori Method is one of the best changes we ever made here and we are all loving it!

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  1. I like fast and slow sorting :-)
    Thanks for great post about practical life activities!


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