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Thursday, June 3, 2010


  One of the unique qualities about the montessori method is how the child if giving the freedom of choice of works, and uninterrupted work time they become more focused and absorbed in the task at hand. On one of the shelves this week is a collage work. Some children have not been returning the work to the shelf  ready for the next child. "Mariah" chose the work from the shelf. Before she began doing this work she spent an hour cleaning the glue bottle, creating glue balls and even removed the price label that I had forgotten to remove. She was so focused and absorbed in doing this that she had tuned out all the sound in the room and was working in her own zone. She didn't even notice me taking this picture. Who would of thought that cleaning the glue bottle would have been such an wonderful work for a child.? Maria Montessori.


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  1. It was nice talking to you today :) It's always good to hear from the fam, thanks for calling!
    I love to watch kids doing the practical life. It blows my mind how everyday things attract them so much. Can't wait to observe them next year ;)


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